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About Us

Agent Link has had over 250,000 conversations with producers about their practice growth challenges and helped hundreds of carriers and brokerages expand their group and distribution. ​

Our Story

Senia and Stu Gramajo, two passionate marketing executives and entrepreneurs, founded Agent Link in 2009 with the mission of connecting insurance and financial service organizations with licensed producers, one great opportunity at a time.

By focusing on empowering each agent or advisor and understanding their practice growth challenges, Agent Link built an amazing team and developed unique methods to facilitate new connections, production growth and greater prosperity for both companies and individuals.

Their team’s outreach nationwide, over many years, and deep market penetration has allowed us to share unparalleled insights and expertise with our clients. Agent Link believes that there has never been a better opportunity, nor a better time, to connect with new producers and grow your market footprint than today.


On ABC Action News
Tampa Bay

Agent Link founders Senia and Stu Gramajo are interviewed in the morning show as they launch Top Producer Summit. On this extremely well-received national on-line conference, Agent Link gathered many top-level agents and advisors from around the US to share their expertise and methods with others producers.

Our Team and Services

Our team consist of professionals ready to help you truly connect with your target audience, whether your distribution channel is direct to producers or independent. Our goal is to help you expand your market share by strengthening and consolidating your branding and marketing efforts to bring you optimum market penetration, audience engagement, and expanded market share.

Since 2009, we have connected tens of thousands of producers with the right opportunities for them and provided them with tools to help them grow their business. Through our online resources, market research, digital platforms, custom developed portals for producers, IMOs and carriers, we utilize the cutting-edge technology to bring solutions to the marketplace.

From our front and back-end developers, graphic designers, copywriters, editors, to our dedicated phone team, we are here to help you and contribute toward the overall growth of the insurance industry.

About the Founders

Senia Gramajo, President

Senia has been a marketing professional and consultant in the Insurance and Financial Service industries for over 20 years helping hundreds of organizations connect with their audiences and grow their distribution. This includes carriers, BDs, IMOs, and agencies of all sizes. She has served as the President of ICMG and served as board member since 2014.

Senia grew up in Europe, studied programming and design, speaks 6 languages and is a mom of three boys.

Stu Gramajo, CEO

When co-founding Agent Link in 2009 Stu brought his experience in database programming, engineering school and a successful career in sales and consulting. As a Director of Market Research at Agent Link, he’s undertaken and published quantitative and qualitative studies in the industry. More recently Stu developed a predictive model to more easily find top producers in the industry in several markets.

Stu was raised in Guatemala, performs and writes classical music and has been happily married for more than 25 years.

Company Purpose and Core Values


We are passionate about helping businesses grow through the effective uses of marketing, advertising, and public relations. What could be more exciting than watching a business expand through the power of effective marketing?


We show up for each other and we wow our teammates daily.

Positive team spirit, good communication and strong connections with co-workers, and mutual kindness keep our team working together as a well-oiled machine.


We do the right thing even when no one is watching.

The famous Golden Rule is simple, but it goes a long way within our company and in our interactions with clients.

We’re about creating strong connections with each other as well as with our clients. This makes for rewarding friendships among our teammates as well as lucrative, mutually beneficial relationships with cherished clients.


We set a high personal bar, believe nothing is impossible, and commit ourselves fully to the goal.

At Agent Link, we pride ourselves in being able to make things go right no matter what. It all starts with a positive attitude and a willingness to meet whatever challenges come our way.

The Agent Link team knows very well: hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Games, fun, and rewards go hand in hand with stellar production.


We surpass expectations, every time.

We go above and beyond not only for each other but for our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering what is promised—and more than this whenever possible. As consummate professionals, we do our work with care and do whatever it takes to get the job done, ensuring clients are enthusiastically satisfied, exchanging in abundance, and delivering valuable RESULTS.


We own it, we don’t pass the buck.

Our team prides itself in our willingness to gain more knowledge and in our constant striving for improvement, both professionally and personally.


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