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Who’s in The Crowd – Get to Know Your Audience

When a comedian comes on stage, there’s one joke you’ll often hear them make first, and it’s usually a reference to the city they’re performing in. Why is this a trend? The comedian knows their audience. They have one surefire way to connect with the people in the crowd, and they are going to use it.

If you’re not hearing “laughs” from your marketing campaign, it’s time to look more closely at your crowd. It could be that you need to implement some basics of market research, and there are simple ways to do it. Here are three questions to ask yourself to hone in on your target audience and get your campaign started on the right track.


If you can identify your producers’ pain points, you can focus on how your organization solves them. Use your campaign to attract with solutions. You probably already have a good idea about what these are, so now it’s time to organize them and make a guideline for creating content that leads your target audience to your company.


When your target audience Googles your company, what do they find? Are there 4- and 5-star ratings about your company on Google Plus, Facebook, and Glassdoor? Are there any bad reviews? Today, 92 percent of your audience will research your company or product before they make a purchasing decision. Not having an online presence could also hurt you. Your website and your online reputation (i.e., star rating) are the Yellow Pages and “word on the street” of days past. If you’re not online and not talked about, you don’t exist or are not relevant. Your online presence and reputation are keys in ensuring good success from your marketing campaign.


Look closely at your content to see what’s missing or where information is being lost. Your content must be in line with your findings in the first point above. Is your content speaking to the pain points and providing solutions to your producers’ concerns? And how are you providing those solutions better than the competition? Your content needs to be engaging and helpful, and it should enable your target audience to know and like you better.

At the end of the day, the time you put into market research can help bring your target audience to you and strengthen your campaign.