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Zoom Vs. Google Meet: Which one is right for your office or at-home setup?

In order to continue thriving in this year, utilizing video conferencing has become key. Zoom and Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts Meet) are the two video conferencing systems that reign supreme, but which one is really better for you and your team?


Both Zoom and Google Meet offer video conferencing with multiple people. Google is limited to 250 participants, while Zoom allows up to 1,000.

They’re both supported on a variety of computer and smartphone platforms, and each allows call recordings, screen sharing, and group messaging.

But when it comes to additional features that make for better collaborative calls, Zoom has spent more of its focus on this effort. It allows you to conduct polls and share a “whiteboard” for collaboration, and the video gallery can show up to 49 people at a time with high-quality video.



Although Zoom might have a broader range of useful features built directly into it, Google has it beat when it comes to integrating the platform with other programs.

Google has an entire suite of tools already, making it easy to link Google Meet with these tools in tandem with video conferencing. For example, users can integrate meetings with other teams using Skype, and it makes using features like Google Calendar, Docs, and Sheets seamless.

Zoom does allow for the same integrations, but Google Meet makes the process more streamlined.

Pricing and Plans

Both have free versions available, and each of those comes with limitations.

For example, Zoom’s free version only allows up to 100 people and 40 minutes in one sitting. Google’s free version allows up to 100 people and 40 minutes in one sitting. Google’s free version allows up to 100 people and 60 minutes. Google also has a much wider range of prices available depending on what type of package you need (anywhere from $6-$25 per user). Zoom has a smaller price range and higher starting rates ($15-$20 per host).

Both Zoom and Google Meet feature incredible technology that makes working from home easier than ever. Deciding on the right one comes down to figuring out what you need most.

If you need something with a higher group capacity and collaborative tools, Zoom is for you. If you need something a little less expensive that integrates extremely well with other software tools, Google may be just the ticket.

Whatever the case, making the choice to go virtual is most crucial during these unusual times.

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